Monday, November 14, 2011

Lab D Video Practice One


Here is take one of the beginning of my Lab D lesson. Here, I am just going over an instant activity and a basic beginning to the lesson and what we are going to be doing.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lab C: Rugby, England's Game

For my Lab C unit, I taught how to position yourself on defense during a Rugby match. I knew it would be challenging to teach, but I was looking forward to the challenge. I thought I did a good job explaining what I wanted the students to do, and demonstrating to them how to perform the tasks. I feel that is important because it helps prevent me from having to randomly stop the class and waste time throughout the lesson since it is all explained clearly at first. I also gave students the opportunity to ask questions which was important. I also felt I did a good job having the lesson flow along. I felt like the students all were engaged throughout the lesson.
I did make a few mistakes though throughout my lesson though. I could have managed my time better throughout the lesson as there were times that I spent too long explaining a task. Another issue I faced is that I didn't give as much feedback as I probably should have relating to the skills versus general feedback. I also felt that my voice trailed off at times which made it hard for me to be heard. Another problem I had was that my technology did not work all the way. A video I had made to show live defense did not play correctly, which hurt my visual-aid for my lesson. I also could have done a better job of making more complicated games, versus the simpler drills I had students perform.
I can use these observations to help impact student learning in future lessons. I can do this by finding a better way to engage the students by showing more effort since I saw I needed that in my lesson. I also can use this information from teaching to help by finding a quicker way to explain my activities in the future so there can be more activity time for the students.

Another thing that was interesting about this lab was how we had to integrate technology into the lab as well as the blog. Through Picassa's software, I was able to create a collage
as well as a video-slideshow about my lesson. It is really interesting for me to be able to use this technology to improve my teaching! I am looking forward to improving on my next lab!