Monday, October 10, 2011

Jump Rope Reflection


After this week's lab of teaching jump rope skills, I definitely felt like I had improved from the last time. I felt like I did well explaining the skills, and making a connection with my hook. I noticed people were interested and paying attention to the skills I was teaching and paid attention while i was speaking. I also gave plenty of opportunities for students to ask questions if they needed to. While they were performing the skill, I used teaching-by-invitation during activities by having the students have the option of challenging themselves by speeding up or slowing down the skills.
I did however notice areas that I needed to improve on. I need to do a better job of moving around the classroom to be able to communicate with more students and have more students feel involved. I also at times needed to speak louder because the jump ropes drowned out my voice. I also spent a little too much time instructing the students rather than having them be active the entire time.
My observations can help impact student learning in the future for a few different reasons. I will be able to move around more effectively in order to benefit more students at once. I also will be quicker and more efficient with explaining the skill so more students can be active at once and spend less time being bored listening to me explain skill sets. Overall, I feel like I improved on my teaching from the first time, but I still have lots to work on. I really am excited to keep progressing and eventually become a true rockstar Physical Education instructor.

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